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When we were with another internet provider, we were constantly having issues with getting kicked off the internet. We would have to contact their tech support once or twice a week to see why but were always told it was our computer and not them. Since we've switched to VISP, we have NEVER had these issues and we haven't changed anything on our computer. Now, we are enjoying trouble free internet here in Manitoba at twice the speed and would recommend VISP to everyone in Manitoba.


Having just moved to the Pembina Valley in Manitoba less than a year ago, but needing the internet right away, we tried 2 different providers. NONE of them could meet our needs, as we only experienced call after call to tech support for nothing but connection troubles. One provider was called 11 times, as our internet was down more than it was working!! After hearing about VISP we decided to give that a try. They were friendly, and fast, they were in and out of the house with everything hooked up in under an hour. That was approximately 6 months ago and I have not had to call tech support once, in fact, our internet has never gone out or given us issues and the speed is very good in comparison.


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