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The Town of Altona is using VISP as its internet service provider for all of its locations (Administration Office, Millennium Exhibition Centre, Fire Department, Public Works and Waste Disposal Grounds). In addition, VISP was instrumental in providing the advice and state of the art equipment to establish a reliable point-to-point communications network between all the Town’s facilities. VISP’s customer service team listened to the Town’s needs and created a service proposal to fit the Town’s situation. The changeover to VISP has allowed the Town to increase the overall quality, speed and reliability of its internet service and to reduce its telecommunications costs. In the past, certain Town facilities experienced chronically poor service from former service providers. Thanks to VISP, these issues are all in the past! VISP’s customer service team is very responsive in addressing service issues. Proactively notifying customers of potential service outages due to scheduled maintenance is just one example of how VISP separates themselves from the competition.


Town of Altona

The difference between VISP and our previous internet provider is huge. Prior to VISP, we couldn’t have more than two devices connected to wife at the same time, and even then, our internet was crazy slow. We were told we couldn’t get anything faster, since we don’t live in Winkler.  Now with VISP we can run Netflix, our cell phones, and another device with no hiccups. Amazing. Wish I’d switched over much sooner. Plus, we got hooked up with Shaw satellite through VISP; these people are fantastic. I had many questions and they walked me through the entire process. Great people who know their stuff. The only time I had any contact with a Shaw rep, was during the actual install portion. Ryan at VISP took care of the rest. I highly recommend VISP for both internet and satellite hookup.

Betty W.

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