This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions.

  • General

  • What is VISP?

    VISP is an internet provider that uses fiber optic sourced towers to connect wirelessly to the receiver mounted on your home or business. Using our advanced wireless technology, VISP can provide faster speeds by avoiding old infrastructure and degrading copper lines. You don’t even need a home phone line!

  • Where is VISP Available?

    Please see our coverage map for current service areas. The coverage areas are for general reference only and actual availability will depend on line of sight, land terrain, trees, nearby buildings and the height of the radio mounting location. If you are in the VISP coverage area, we will review the surroundings and service potential before making an appointment. As the first step of every install appointment, our technicians do a signal test and we only proceed if the results confirm full speeds. If you are not in our coverage area, we may still be able to service you or we can add you to our notification list and contact you when we add coverage in your area.

  • How does the VISP speed guarantee work?

    Residential plans are guaranteed at 80% or better on average over the course of a month, Business plans are guaranteed at 95%. This means that if your internet speeds are not meeting the guaranteed level, you will need to contact our technical support so they can troubleshoot and send out a service team if required. If VISP cannot repair the connection or maintain your service above the guarantee, you have the option to cancel your remaining contract commitment.

  • My current ISP states speeds "up to" 7 Mbps down and 0.7 Mbps up. How is VISP different?

    “Up to” means this is the fastest speed you could possibly get. Many consumers on other networks find they rarely, if ever, see their “up to” speed. When you pay for 10 Mbps with VISP, that is the speed you can expect to get consistently, guaranteed.

  • How can I view my past invoices or data usage history?

    The VISP Customer Portal shows many details of your account as well as invoice history and data usage records. Log in at billing.vispnet.ca and if you don’t know your username and password, click the “forgot password” link to have it sent to your email. The last six invoices show on the home page and by using search, you can see any past invoice.

  • How do I downgrade my VISP plan?

    We provide a grace period of 90 days from the install date during which you can downgrade your VISP plan without any fee. After the grace period, a plan downgrade will incur a $50 administration fee and you cannot downgrade lower than what was signed on the contract. Also during this grace period you will not be charged for any extra data usage beyond your plan. Call VISP sales if you wish to downgrade your plan.

  • How do I upgrade my VISP plan?

    You can request an upgrade anytime if your account is in good standing. For questions on your available options or to request an upgrade, contact VISP sales. After a request is made, our technical department will review your connection and contact you to confirm you are able to reach the new speeds. Upgrades can usually be processed within 3 days.

  • I live in a rental property, can I have VISP installed?

    If you rent the property you want VISP installed in, we will need a signed permission letter before we can proceed with scheduling an appointment to test & install. Availability in apartments or condos will vary and it’s best to talk to VISP Sales but if you already know you’ll be making an appointment and need this letter, you can download it here –>Permission Letter.

    If you live in Garden’s on Tenth in Altona, your building is already pre-wired and you do not need this letter! Just talk to VISP Sales to get signed up.

  • What happens when I move?

    If you move within our coverage zone,  we can re-install your service at the new place provided the signal test is good. VISP will include one free move during a 3 or 2 year contract. To find out if your are eligible for a free move, contact the VISP Technical Support department.

    If you move out of our coverage zone, you can arrange with the new resident of your old place to take over the remaining contract. If the new resident is not willing to take over, you will be liable for a cancellation fee. Please contact the VISP Billing department for inquires on cancellation fees or disconnections.

  • Installation

  • What is the process of getting VISP up and running?

    Start the process by contacting VISP sales and we will determine if there is service potential for your location. If so, we will help you pick a plan and go through the details. After this sign-up, our sales representative will prepare your account and you will be contacted by our scheduler for arranging the appointment time and day. On the day of your appointment, the technicians will verify full speed service according to your chosen plan. This “site survey” as it’s called, involves a signal test from the roof of your building (or tower) using a programmed radio receiver that connects to a VISP tower. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so we only complete the installation if the test confirms great reliable service! After an approved test, our technicians will finish the remaining installation and you’re ready to go!

  • What does "Basic Installation" include?

    Basic installation ($299 plus tax) includes approximately 100′ of shielded Cat 5e cable with RJ-45 ends that connect the radio device to the power injector. The mounting arm and radio device installed on the outside of the building are included in the basic installation, and a maximum of 3 hours onsite. After the receiver is mounted outside, the cable will be led in and connected to your existing router or networking equipment. If you require a Wi-Fi router, upgraded radio, additional equipment or extra time onsite, the additional charges will be added only with your approval. Custom IT modifications are not included and may require your IT professional to assist or complete. If you sign up for a 2 year contract, the basic installation fee will be waived by VISP.

  • Can I get my installation fee back if I switch to a contract?

    Yes you can! If you paid for a basic residential installation, you can switch to a 2 year contract within 90 days from the install date and VISP will refund the install fee as credit on your account. Contact our sales team to make this switch.

  • I live in a rental property, can I have VISP installed?

    If you rent the property you want VISP installed in, we will need a signed permission letter before we can proceed with scheduling an appointment to test & install. Availability in apartments or condos will vary and it’s best to talk to VISP Sales but if you already know you’ll be making an appointment and need this letter, you can download it here –>Permission Letter.

    If you live in Garden’s on Tenth in Altona, your building is already pre-wired and you do not need this letter! Just talk to VISP Sales to get signed up.

  • Support and Tips

  • Why is my Wi-Fi signal not full bars all around the house?

    The location of your wireless device in relation to the Wi-Fi router can have a significant impact on your connection speed. If the router is located in the basement and you are trying to access the internet on your second floor, the signal may be degraded from traveling through the floors and walls of your home. Does your connection speed increase as you move closer to the router? If it does, you may want to try relocating the router to the main floor or closer to the area where you use your wireless devices the most. When choosing a router location, try to put it in a central location with the least obstructions around it and remember that harder materials such as concrete and appliances will slow down the Wi-Fi signal the most.

  • Why should I have a password configured on my wireless network?

    It is highly recommended to have a password configured on your wireless network to keep out intruders. If your wireless network does not have a password requirement, unauthorized users and auto-connecting hardware may join your network at any time when they’re in range. Additional users on your network will slow you down, use your data allotment and compromise your security. By default, VISP will configure Wi-Fi routers with a password. If you did not get your router from VISP, refer to the user manual to ensure you have properly secured your wireless network.

  • Could a virus be causing my issues?

    Anti-virus programs need to be updated on a regular basis to combat the numerous viruses on the internet. Ensuring that your anti-virus program is up to date with the latest virus definitions will greatly reduce the risk of getting a virus which may affect your connection to the internet and cause other severe problems. Verify that you have automatic updates enabled in your anti-virus program or use the manual update feature to keep the software as up to date as possible. Once you have ensured that your anti-virus program is up to date, perform a complete scan of your computer to ensure there is nothing malicious that may be inhibiting your internet connection.

  • Why is my internet not working?

    There are a number of possible causes for this but try these things first;

    • Restart your device
    • Power cycle your Wi-Fi router and VISP radio by unplugging from the wall and re-plugging back in
    • Check that all cables are inserted completely
    • Try the internet on a different device to confirm it’s not the fault of the device
    • Try a different website to confirm that’s not the issue

    If these tips do not restore your internet connection, contact our technical support and they would be happy to help you.

  • Why are my speeds slower than they should be?

    Some of the possible causes for slow speeds can be;

    • Active torrent programs
    • Background App updates
    • Your device’s O/S may be configured to download updates automatically
    • You may have too many devices or activity on your network
    • An unsecured Wi-Fi network may have intruders
    • You may be using all of your available speed, consider upgrading your VISP plan
  • What can I do to reduce my data usage?

    If you find yourself running short on monthly data and incurring charges for extra data, there are a few things you can do;

    • Make sure your wireless network is secured with a password to prevent unauthorized users
    • Reduce the amount of data Netflix uses by changing it in your account settings
    • Reduce the amount of data YouTube uses by changing it in the setting (the little gear in the bottom corner of the video)

    If you find that you normally use more data than included in your plan, consider upgrading to a larger plan. Call VISP sales for more information.

  • How much data am I actually using?

    This guide has data usage estimates for common sources.

    071_web Web Page Views 1GB internet data usage = over 1600 web pages
    071_music Music Downloads 1GB internet data usage = over 200 song downloads
    071_email Sending Emails 1GB internet data usage = over 100,000 emails
    071_standarddefinition Stream SD Video 1GB internet data usage = 3 hours of SD streaming
    071_highdefinition Stream HD videos 1GB internet data usage = 25 minutes of HD streaming
    071_videochat Video Chat 1GB internet data usage = 17 hours of video chat
  • Billing and Payments

  • My first bill doesn't make sense, why is it more than 1 month?

    VISP uses an Advanced Billing System. Your first invoice will include a portion of the monthly service fee from your install day to the end of the month and also the upcoming month. All following invoices will be based on your monthly service fee for the upcoming month plus the previous month’s data usage fees if applicable. Data usage fees apply if you’ve used more data in the previous month than what your plan includes.


  • How can I update my payment information or change my payment method?

    To update your credit card, bank account or change your payment method, please call our billing department. It may take up to 15 days to make a change to the automatic payment system.

  • What can I do to save money on my next bill if I've used extra data?

    The VISP Customer Portal shows detailed data usage history. If you have used more data than included in your plan, you can buy a Data Top-Up to reduce your bill. The easiest way to do so is by using a credit card on the portal but you can also call our billing department to add the purchase to your next pre-authorized debit. If you normally use more data than your plan, consider upgrading to a larger VISP Plan which will also have faster speeds! Contact VISP Sales for more information.

  • Why do I no longer receive a monthly invoice by email?

    Since the VISP customer portal was launched, we no longer send invoices automatically by email. When logged in to the portal, your last 6 invoices show on the home page and by using search you can see any past invoice.

  • When is the billing & data cycle?

    Your billing cycle is from the first day of the month to the last day, same as a calendar month. Your invoice will be automatically calculated when the month is over and your monthly data usage will also reset.

  • Customer Portal

  • What can I all do using the customer portal?

    The VISP Customer Portal shows many details of your account as well as invoice history and data usage records. Log in at billing.vispnet.ca and if you don’t know your username and password, click the “forgot password” link to have it sent to your email. The portal will allow you to view your information, make a payment and more. You can also buy a Data Top-Up to save on your bill if you’ve used extra data in the current month, or if you expect to.

  • What if I don't know my username and password?

    Visit billing.vispnet.ca and click “Forgot Password.” Enter the email address of your account, the one where you receive your notifications. This is the same email address you provided when you signed up for VISP. An email will be sent to that address with your username and a password, use this information to log into the portal.

    *If you cannot access this email address or are not sure which one you have on file, you can call the billing department to have your account email changed.

  • How do I change my password?

    Log into the customer portal to change your password. On the home screen, your account information is located at the top.  Within this section, your password is hidden with asterisks. Click “Edit” beside the asterisks.  This will ask for your old or current password, and your new password.  Once that is entered, click the “Update” button.

    *Please keep your password confidential.

  • How do I check my data usage in the customer portal?

    Within the VISP customer portal you can check how much data you have used in the current month and in the past. From the home screen, click “Usage” located under the “Account Info” heading on the left side. Please note the “Daily Usage” and “Hourly Usage” links at the top. If you click either one you can see a detailed summary of your data usage.

  • How do I view my current invoice or past invoices?

    Your billing information can be viewed and printed through the VISP customer portal. To do this, click “Invoices” under the “Billing” heading located on the left side of your screen.  The screen will display numerous details regarding the invoice including the date, invoice number, amount paid and if any amount is due. Click on one of the listed invoices to see further details regarding that invoice. By clicking on an invoice you will have the option to print it by clicking on the printer icon located above the invoice details in the top right corner.

  • What is a Data Top-Up and how do I buy one?

    If you’ve used more data in the current month than included in your plan or you expect to, you can purchase a Data Top-Up to save on your next bill. These Data Top-Ups are available on the left hand side of the portal, under “Services”. The extra data can only be used within the calendar month that it has been purchased in. For example, if you purchase a Data Top-Up on April 3, the data needs to be used by April 30th. The Data Top-Up will expire at the end of the month if it’s not used. You can also buy a Data Top-Up after the data has already been used, as long as it’s in the same calendar month.

    These are the rates for the Data Top-Ups;

    • $15 for 20 GB
    • $30 for 50 GB
    • $50 for 100 GB