About Us

VISP internet is based out of Winkler, Manitoba as the leading internet provider in the South Central region with Next Generation speeds and an industry exclusive guarantee. Using the latest wireless technology, VISP delivers business class speeds to your building from our fiber sourced network of towers. The receiver mounted on the outside, led in with high grade shielded cat5 connects to your network without relying on the existing cabling to your home or business.

With the philosophy of “getting what you pay for”, VISP has won over many clients that demand to get the speeds they have signed up for. A company run in a different way, not just in it to maximize every dollar but to deliver a great customer experience with up front pricing.

VISP’s network progressively reaches further and is driven by client demand. We strive to improve in everything we do while aiming to provide users with an internet option that meets today’s needs. Currently we reach the homes and businesses of about 40,000 people with a very exciting future growth plan.

VISP is the Next Generation ISP people have been waiting for.